Dental tourism to Hungary has been featured on Atlanta’s favorite consumer-oriented radio show, heard around the country in syndication.

A 2005 article in USA Today detailed one dental tourist’s experience. Her 10-day vacation, which began with getting eight crowns, included trips to Budapest and Vienna, leisurely meals and people-watching in sidewalk cafes. Her dental work alone would have cost $11,500 at home; the total trip - airfare, hotel and those eight crowns - was $4,300.

Gyor, Hungary

Scenes of Gyor, Hungary.




Save up to 75 percent on state-of-the-art dental services, and enjoy a vacation in the scenic and historic European nation of Hungary - for far less than you’d pay in the U.S. for the dentistry alone. Dental travel has been popular in Europe for decades - and now it is available to the United States. Hungarian Dental Tourism of Atlanta, Ga., is the only U.S-based agency providing comprehensive dental tourism services for a stress-free experience.

Hungarian dentists are known for their professional skill, state of the art clinics and affordable prices. Thousands of Europeans have already discovered the benefits of Hungarian dentistry. More than half of Austrians who need dental work have it done in Hungary. Citizens of Germany, Switzerland and Britain visit by the hundreds every day.

Scenes of Gyor, HungaryNow, you can have the same quality and reasonable price on dental procedures, while visiting a country with a 1,000-year history, fascinating culture and warmly welcoming people.

Hungarian Dental Tourism works with selected dental practices in the resort town Gyor, Hungary. Their modern facilities and skilled, friendly staff provide you with outstanding care.

Hungarian Dental Tourism organizes your travel and lodging, arranges your dental consultation and treatment appointments, and stays with you every step of the way. We provide translation services and ground transportation at your destination.

Medical research shows the link between overall health and dental health. Don’t put off taking care of your teeth because of the high cost! With Hungarian Dental Tourism, you can get the dental work you need at a price you can afford, plus a fabulous vacation. Call us today at 404-957-9710 for schedules and more information.